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Monika Mielnikiewicz

4 January 2017

My Himalayas adventure started when I’ve read that an ordinary person (like me) – just a tourist not a mountaineer – can enter base camp of the highest mountain in the world. Author mentioned this just by the way, but for me it was true revelation. Once I knew that it’s possible I’ve started looking for the trekking agency which could help me to make it my personal revelation. I’ve chosen Exploring Nepal and this was a good decision which I’ve never regret. From my application for the trek till the arrival to Kathmandu Magda was in often email contact advising, helping, reminding and when necessary calming down. Thanks to Sujan and his employees I don’t needed to worry about transport from and to the airports and hotel. When I finally found myself on the Everest Base Camp Trek Trail I could always count on our guide Nawaraj, I was calm that he keeps eye on our whole group, despite the fact that each of our four had different walking speed. We had full trust to our porters. Thanks to good job done by Exploring Nepal I could have head, eyes, ears open solely for outstanding views, peaceful and friendly Nepali people, sound of mani wheels and often repeated “om mani padme hum” mantra. I almost do not remember anymore that it was difficult to walk above 5000 meters, that it was a bit cold and night and that I had to forget about the shower for several days – you have to be prepared for that if you think about high mountains. But I will always remember and miss what I’ve seen, heard and whom I’ve met in Nepal. Magda, Sujan, Nawaraj, thank you and hope to see you soon.

Frederic Schwaller

What an Adventure to spend Time with Exploring Nepal and discover the Himalayas. After Resham Firiri 2012, and 2014 tours Zabojad created Happy Sharing Happy Outside to visit more and more with the team and delight its customer ´s Thank you for all and all best to you
Frederic Schwaller CEO Zabojad

Gosia i Krzysztof z Poznania

Dear Magda and Sujan,
We would like to thank you for organizing for us an amazing tour in Nepal.
The travel schedule was entirely unique. Journey’s main goal was to participate in our Polish/Nepalese friends wedding, although at the same time we wanted to do some sightseeing as well. To make things even more complicated, Krzysztof – the bird photographer wanted to discover spots that clearly weren’t t the most popular tourist highlights.

Without any doubt, your help and service exceeded our expectations.

Being constantly in touch with you enabled us to feel safely during the trip and this feeling is definitely invaluable. Accommodation that you recommended, such as Kingfisher Resort in Bardia NP, Hotel Hermitage in Chitwan NP, mountain hostels that we stayed in during trekking at Poon Hill and the other places were very good. Our guides and porters did a great job as well. Krzysztof was especially delighted to see how knowledgable and experienced the guides in Sukla Phanta NP, Bradia NP and Chitwan NP are.

We wish you a lot of work, many tourists to come and of course – constant satisfaction and fulfillment of doing your job.

We highly recommend your service to everyone who wants to discover the beauty of Nepal.


We were with Exploring Nepal on Poon Hill 3 weeks ago! we made it in less than 10 days :) an extra day would have been nice though as weather was not the best!
Our guide was taking care of us way before we sat a foot into Nepal and it still feels like we have made a new friend there! Thanks for all! You were great!!

Andrzej Hładij

I was with Exploring Nepal on Manaslu trekking in November 2010. I may fully recommend its service. Everything was well organized and guide was very responsible and helpfull during this trip. My guide is very outgoing person, speaks fluent English and has huge knowledge about Nepal and Himalayas. As a summary I would say that if decide to go to Nepal again I will definitely choose “Exploring Nepal” company.


I have been on two treks with Sujan and recommend him highly.  He is very knowledgeable, kind, and offers a unique experience unlike you can find anywhere else.  I consider him a good friend, and Sujan treated me like family the entire time.  Sujan and I spent hours discussing different aspect of Nepalese culture, and he was also very curious to learn about other parts of the world.  His enthusiasm for life is infectious and I am a better person for knowing him.  I hope to return to Nepal again in the future and would never consider using another guide.

Christof Wüthrich

My girlfriend and I visited Nepal in October 2009 for 31 Days. This trip has been one of my best experiences. We did the Annapurna Cicruit and Upper Mustang trek in 21 days. Sujan Pandey was our guide for that trekking tour.
Sujan is someone very responsible, serious and competent in his work and always ready to find the best solution, if necessary. He was very dedicated to us and our experience and also always very attentive and helpful to the needs of us. During the trekking Sujan told us many interesting things about culture, life in the villages, the surrounding mountains, about history, traditions and current politics in Nepal. He is also a very funny person and after this experience we became good friend. We are planning to return to Nepal for the second time. It is without a doubt, that had our guide been anyone else than Sujan Pandey, we would not have had the rich, authentic and enjoyable adventure as we did!

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