Details depend on type of expedition, below only a short list example:

  • four passport photos (for visa and other trekking documents)
  • 40 US dollars in cash for visa
  • fine hiking shoes
  • thermal underwear  
  • fast drying towel
  • comfortable trekking clothes
  • waterproof climbing jacket, wind jacket, fleece
  • hat, scarf, gloves, socks
  • good quality sunglasses (for high mountains glacier glasses)
  • thermal insulated mug
  • a pack of towelettes
  • dry hand disinfectant (without soap)
  • first aid kit (anti-diarrhea meds, water conditioning pills,  mosquito repellent, foot ointment, painkillers, sun block cream, sunburn ointment, adhesive bandage)
  • good sleeping bag (-10 degrees comfort; for trekking)


You will learn more about health preparations from the brochure:

 Brochure download