Patan – 1 day

Officially Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City, is one of the majorcities of Nepal. It is one of the sub-metropolitan cities of Nepal located in the south-western part of Kathmandu valley. Patan is also known as Manigal. It is best known for its rich cultural heritage, particularly its tradition of arts and crafts. It is also called as city of festival and feast, fine ancient art, making of metallic and stone carving statue.

The city was initially designed in the shape of the Buddhist Dharma-Chakra. The four thurs or mounds located on the perimeter of Patan are ascribed around, one at each corner of its cardinal points, which are popularly known as Ashoka Stupas. There are more than 1200 Buddhist monuments of various shapes and sizes scattered in and around the city.

The most important monument of the city is Patan Durbar Square, which has been listed by UNESCO in 1979 as one of seven Monument Zones that make up the Kathmandu Valley World Heritage Site.

The water conduits, stone spouts, Jaladroni (water tanks), artistic gate ways, Hindu temples and Buddhist Vihars adorn the city. The in built cultural heritage like the royal palace, with intricately carved doors and windows and beautiful courtyards adorned with exquisite icons enhance the beauty of the city. Such art pieces are found in stone, metal, terracotta ivory and other objects. All these artifacts exhibit artistic excellence of the craftsmen and the whole city looks like an open museum.

Patan is renowned as a very artistic city. Most of the Nepalese art of any form is devoted to Gods, and there are an abundance of temples and vihara in the city.

Notable places of interest in Patan include:

  • Patan Durbar Square: the residence of the Malla rulers of the Patan state which is now converted into a museum.
  • Hiranya Varna Mahaa Vihar: a buddhist temple known locally as Golden Temple
  • Rudra Varna Mahavihar
  • Mahaboudha Temple
  • Bangalamukhi temple: a Hindu temple
  • Kumbheshwor temple: one of the two five-story pagoda temples of the valley
  • Pancheswor Mahadev temple: Kusunti